Exhibiting Pedigree Guinea Pigs since 1992

Mamaku Cavy Stud are proud of 29 years breeding and exhibiting the exclusive breed 'New Zealand Plumes' they are obviously very dear to our hearts.  Over the years Mamaku Stud also focused on Self Buff and Black Point Himalayans, but that was several years ago.

Tintola Cavy Stud is focused on Self Chocolates.  Tintola Stud was founded in 2000 as I wanted my own stud name after several years showing guinea pigs with my mum under Mamaku Stud.  I used to do various longhair breeds, Agoutis and Tweeds.

We are two small cavy studs by Marilyn and Jen and we are located in Whangarei. Quality over quantity mindset does keep our numbers down as we want this hobby to be fun and rewarding.  We sometimes have guinea pigs available.

We encourage everyone who wants to join a Guinea Pig Club to join a Independent Cavy Clubs as they are the only cavy clubs that continues to support New Zealand's exclusive pedigree cavy breeds.

NZ Unique and Rare Guinea Pigs is a Cavy Club to support and promote Cavy (Guinea Pig) pedigree breeds that are exclusive or rare in New Zealand.  Please check them out.

New Zealand Plume Guinea Pig Breed
Cute baby chocolate guinea pig
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