Over 26 years showing pedigree cavies

Mamaku Batman New Zealand Plume

In 1992 Mamaku Stud was registered by my mum (Marilyn) and showing one of the Unique and Rare Pedigree breed the 'New Zealand Plumes'.  Over 26 years breeding and showing New Zealand Plumes they are obviously very dear to our hearts.  Tintola Stud was registered in 2001 by me (Jen), I wanted my own stud name after several years of showing under Mamaku Stud with my mum.  I focus on Shelties, Coronets, Tweeds and Lilac New Zealand Plumes.  We support and are proud of unique breeds in New Zealand.

We are two small Pedigree Cavy (guinea pigs) Studs in Whangarei, New Zealand and members of Independent clubs the Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club, Taranaki Cavy Group and New Zealand Cavy Club that use the Pedigree Show Standards from New Zealand Cavy Judges Association.   Fore more on the cavy clubs visit our Links page.

We breed for quality not quantity and with the aim to better our studs for showing.  We also enjoy our Guinea Pigs and cuddle them as much as possible.  Our Cavies get Fresh Veges, Fresh Hay, Grass and Guinea Pig Pellets that contains Vitamin C and Prebiotics for digestive health daily.  We believe a good Guinea Pig pellet is important.

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