Baby Tweed Cavy.  Guinea Pig in basket.
Tintola Sprocket

The overall effect is that of Tweed material, an even intermingling of chocolate and white hairs all over body and head. The ears and foot pads are chocolate, eyes dark and rimmed in chocolate (what would be called eye circles in Agoutis). The nose and lips are chocolate and surrounded by a small self coloured patch.  The rest of the cavy is uniformly tweed. They look rather nice in Satin and comes in lighter and darker.  Available in New Zealand and the UK only.  Independent Cavy Clubs are the only shows where you can exhibit and see NZ's Unique and Rare Breeds.  For more information on Tweeds visit NZ Unique Cavies.

Tweed Cavy face
 Lessentine Sprock
Young Tweed Cavy
 Tintola Sprocket
Beautiful Tweed Cavy Guinea Pig Breed

Lessentine Twinkie - 3 Years old

Tweed Cavy Girl 5 weeks old

Tintola Gypsy Girl - 5 weeks old

Tweed Cavy from Tintola Cavy Stud

Tintola Gypsy Girl - 2 months old

Rare Cavy Breed Tweed.  Cute Guinea Pig face

Tintola Gypsy Girl - 2 months old

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