Independent Guinea Pig Clubs

New Zealand Unique Cavies

The club caters for Cavy Pedigree Breeds that are Unique and Rare in New Zealand.  Some of our unique breeds started in the 70's and are still exhibited at shows today.  They are an important part of our cavy history and is great to see some of the breeds doing well.  Our patriotic and rare breeds are New Zealand Plumes, New Zealand Peruvians, Tweeds, Bonnets, Pandas and DE Whites. New Zealand Unique Cavies are to promote the showing of our unique and rare breeds in Main Shows across the country at all Independent New Zealand Cavy Clubs and to help the breeds and the exhibitors be successful.

The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club

Independent club in Kamo, Whangarei.  We hold Pedigree and Pet shows for Rabbits and Cavies.  Formed in 2011 and holds three shows a year. $15 Adults, $20 family, $10 Kids (under 15 years)

Independent New Zealand Cavy Clubs

Independent New Zealand Cavy Clubs are clubs which continue to hold shows under the Rules and Standards of the New Zealand Cavy Judges Association and are Independent from the new body.  We hold an annual Nationwide Cavy Show on Labour weekend which is open to members of any Cavy Club in NZ.  You can register a Stud Name with us by following the link.  There is no annual fee to pay, just a one off small registration fee.  All breeds are welcome at any Independent Clubs.

New Zealand Cavy Club and Taranaki Cavy Group

NZCC was the first club in New Zealand to cater for Pedigree Cavies.  The club was formed early in 1976 when the first imported Pedigree Cavies started to arrive in NZ.  Currently both NZCC and TCG holds five shows a year in New Plymouth and Himitangi. $10 Adults, $15 Family, $5 Kids (under 16 years)

North Canterbury Guinea Pigs

Formed in 11th May 2016 with four members attending to take on the task of forming a friendly, happy, Independent Guinea Pig club.  We hold Pedigree and Pet shows for Cavies in Woodend. $10 Adult, $20 Family, $5 Kids

Hamilton and Waikato Area Guinea Pig Club

Started in 2020 a new Independent Cavy Club and we hold regular shows at Puketaha Hall, Puketaha Road, Hamilton.  Join our Facebook or alternatively email us at:

Capital Cavy Club

In 2021 Capital Cavy Club was formed.  An Independent Cavy Club in Raumati for Pedigree and Pet Cavies (Guinea Pigs).  Visit our Facebook.

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